Entice investors or community and review boards to promote a project. Transform your technical or CAD drawings of site plans, floor plans, interior/exterior elevations or detail vignettes into artistic and vibrant color visuals.



Promote your style and expertise. Help your clients “see” your vision for their project.


Advertise your listings to potential buyers and sellers depicting the potential your listing may have.



Give your clients a unique and personal gift at the culmination of your project together.


When your project requires conceptual, design development or presentation renderings an initial contact by email or phone begins the process. Requirements and objectives are discussed, noted and relevant reference materials are determined.

Reference materials may include:
Landscaping plans
Floor plans
Site plans
Furniture/accessory photos
Furniture/accessory placement details
Finish samples
Color samples
Fabric swatches

Once reference materials are received and analyzed, the fee, medium and details for the final artwork are determined. A contact or proposal is prepared and submitted electronically to be signed and returned with a deposit as authorization to begin.

Medium Options:
Pen & Ink (black or sepia)
Pen & Ink with color
Colored Pencils
Permanent Color Inks
Professional Design Markers

View Options:
3-dimension 2-dimension

Color Options:
Vignette Color Full Color

Detail Options:
Basic Details
Exterior: structure with indications of landscaping and touches of color indications.
Interior: room with furniture and accessory placement as well as some fabric detail and color indications.
Vignette: detail in a specific area, to highlight that area or subject.

Highly Detailed
Exterior: full color, all structure details and landscaping (when possible) included.
Interior: full color, all furniture and accessories illustrated with accurate fabric, finishes and trims depicted.

After receiving the signed contract and deposit a preliminary sketch, using your reference materials, will be created and submitted for your review. This sketch will determine viewpoint, and format of the rendering.

Artistic license will be used at my discression when the relevant detail is unavailable or I feel your illustration needs such an addition.

Now that the view and composition have been agreed upon, the next step in the process is the line layout. This is the most critical and labor-intensive stage, requiring attention to detail and perspective, both essential elements of the image. At this time the most questions are asked helping to clarify all materials and information that has been imparted. This process creates the final layout, which is then submitted for approval prior to completion of the finished artwork, to assure your complete satisfaction.

Depending on the medium selected additional preparation time may be involved. Any color illustration such as a watercolor rendering, requires the line layout be transferred to watercolor paper or illustration board to begin the painting stage. Upon completion, the artwork is corrected, if necessary, by hand or digitally; then scanned and owner/project identity or design/architectural firm titles are added.


Each order is custom and pricing is determined by your specifications. Pricing is also determined by size, time constraints, medium, and level of detail the structure or image to be illustrated. A rough estimate can be given at first contact and a formal quote will be provide once your reference materials are received. Rush orders will be billed an additional 20% on quote.

A 50% deposit is required to begin the process. Balance is due upon completion. A Paypal secure payment method is also available for your convenience to expedite your order.

Once completed and the final payment is received, a high-resolution jpeg or PDF file will be made available for download, or burned on a CD for mailing, or original artwork will be packaged and shipped by a relevant carrier. Shipping and handling charges will be itemized as additional costs on your final invoice.